Velashape III Cellulite Reduction Treatments

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VelashapeVelashape III™ Cellulite Treatments-

The only FDA approved and cleared non-surgical treatment for circumferential reduction and cellulite reduction! Velashape III™, is a safe, effective and non-invasive solution on the market for body sculpting (including fatty deposits on stomach), inches loss (3 on average) and cellulite reduction

Cellulite affects 90% of women - even "skinny" women can have cellulite! It is often related to hormones, or is hereditary and tends to worsen with age. Cellulite or hardened fatty deposits can involve fluid retention, enlargement of fat cells, and a weakening of fat chambers.

Before and After

Velashape before and after

*results may vary and there are no guarantees you will experience the
same results as others featured in any marketing materials on this site.

*results may vary and there are no guarantees you will experience the
same results as others featured in any marketing materials on this site.

Who is a great candidate?

If you don't like the appearance of your body due to dimpling, excess skin, stretch-marks, cellulite, or just extra jiggle, and diet and exercise aren't improving any of these, you are a great candidate for VelaShape III™. The VelaShape III™ treatment is safe for all skin types and is great for the thighs, buttocks, arms and stomach. Not sure if you are a candidate? In the Orlando area, schedule a complimentary consultation at Wymore Laser & Anti-Aging Medicine located in the Orlando area by calling 407-622-2252 × 1.

How does it work?

As seen on Oprah, Dr. Phil, Keeping Up with the Kardashians & Rachel Ray, Velashape III™ is the first FDA approved and cleared non-surgical procedure for body re-shaping and cellulite reduction on the market. It feels like a deep tissue massage (not painful) and requires no downtime. The Velashape III™ is unique due to its patented Elos technology. It uses bi-polar radio frequency, infrared light energy, vacuum, and mechanical massage to smooth out the skin and deliver efficient heat energy to increase the metabolism of stored energy, increase lymphatic drainage, and reduce the size of the actual fat cells and fat chambers. The end result is the smoothing of the skin's surfacing with a noticeable reduction in cellulite along with inches lost (circumferential reduction) with noticeable reshaping of the treated area in 4-6 treatments! Studies have shown a circumferential reduction of approx. 3 inches in some cases post-treatments! Wymore Laser has offered VelaShape III™ for over a year, and has offered body sculpting for over 4 years. Our body sculpting technician/esthetician Kristen Muller has been performing VelaShape III™ since it first came out and has worked with Syneron equipment such as Velasmooth for 4 years.

What makes Velashape III™ Technology Different?

The Velashape III™ Elos technology is different from other cellulite reduction treatments because Radio Frequency is a highly controllable energy heat source, and works synergistically with optical energy. This light energy is at a safe enough level that all skin types may receive treatments, there are no additional risks or side effects to the skin, the treated areas are "preheated" by optical energy and the contact cooling on skin's surface provides increased comfort and safety. Go to for more information.
*Wymore Laser also has many options for a total "body transformation" or lifestyle modification that work synergistically with Velashape III™ Treatments in Orlando, Fla.

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*FDA clearance for Circumference Reduction of the thighs

VelaShape III on The Rachel Ray Show
VelaShape III on Dr. Phil



TruSculpt 3D is a unique, non-invasive, Monopolar RF system optimized to deliver Targeted, Repeatable and Uniform sculpting of problem areas for a TRU 3D result with no visual downtime. TruSculpt 3D takes a multi-dimensional approach to decrease circumference and eliminate fat cells, by delivering and holding clinically therapeutic temperatures to the subcutaneous adipose tissue to achieve the clinical efficacy in the shortest possible treatment time with enhanced safety and comfort.

Before and After

TruScult Before and After Stomach

TruScult Before and After Face



*results may vary and there are no guarantees you will experience the
same results as others featured in any marketing materials on this site.